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Port Congestion and Potential Strike

We are writing this letter in reference to the port congestion experiencing with container delivery to our clients. 

We are still experiencing small available port appointment windows for all LA/LB Terminals for all transactions. Current port operations are severely impacted by steamship line empty receiving restrictions. Port operations at this time are at 2-4 working days of demurrage (possibly more) until an import is picked-up. Empty returns are working 3-8 working days (possibly more) until empty is terminated. Please be advised that port appointment slots are frequently being missed for both day & night shifts due to long dwell times at all LA/LB ports, and chassis shortage. 

We have been notified of potential strike, and protesters blocking entrance to the port of Long Beach and Terminal Island. Union contracts are still in negotiations and if not resolved, we fear the ports will completely go on strike. 

We are watwching the situation closely and will notify all customers if the situation progress gets any worse. 

Please understand our truckers are doing all we can to make srue all containers are picked up before LFD and returned empty with no potential charges for empties dwelling outside of terminal. 

 As always, ARGAN Co. will diligently work to minimize the impact of this situation and are committed to providing the best service to our customers.